Titanic News Press

100 Years ago, The New York American captured the amazing events from April 16th 1912 and has now been reprinted exactly as it appeared on newsstands the morning of April 17th 1012.

Take a firsthand look into history’s most catastrophic and memorable disaster, “The Sinking of the Titanic!” The words and pictures taken at the time give the sad facts as they happened. The missing passenger list, pictures of the Captain and his crew, the iceberg field, a message from King George and so much more are preserved forever in these pages for you to read, view and share. Read what they read on the morning after and feel the power of the press in 1912.

Take a journey back in time with this rare and priceless accounting of the events from April 16th 1912. These stories are amazing to read and the pictures will bring you back in time. It’s a window into history few people have seen until an original copy of this newspaper was discovered in a barn in Woodcliff Lake, NJ in 1990.

This reprint from the original copy of The New York American newspaper is an exact reproduction including all of the advertising of the time. So many amazing and captivating accounts of the disaster that you never heard before are on these pages.
For a low price of $5.50 per copy plus shipping you can have his amazing newspaper. Discounted rates for multiple copies are available.

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